Friday, April 7, 2017

A Day in the Life - Spring 2017

Robert and Amy are 26 years old, Sarah is 20 month, and Mittens is almost 5 years old.

Thursday | April 6, 2017

8:45 - Wake up.  Holy cow!  Is it almost 9:00?  Robert is leaving for work.  I text Chrissy to see if she and her son want to have a play date or go for a stroller ride today, but her husband is sick, so they're staying in for the day.

9:00 - Since Sarah is still asleep I have time to do my daily lesson for Bible Study Fellowship.  We're studying John, and we're moments before Jesus' crucifixion.

9:10 - I made chocolate chip banana muffins yesterday, so I savor them and sip my coffee slowly.

9:20 - I guess I might as well watch some Netflix.  My current guilty pleasure is Pretty Little Liars.  Don't judge.  Our house is super messy.  I can't bare to show you a picture of the kitchen.  I really should clean it today.

10:07 - Sarah is finally awake.  She usually goes to sleep at 7:00, but with church last night she didn't go to sleep til 8:30, so I guess that's why she slept in.  Please don't be getting sick!  Sarah nibbles on a muffin and sips milk.

10:30 - We make sopapilla cheesecake together for me to take to MOPS tomorrow.  Sarah is finally old enough to sit on the counter some while I cook, and she's content to lick the spatula.

11:00 - Sarah hasn't seen her Grandma in two weeks.  She really wants to Facetime her, but I can't find the iPad so she settles for a phone call.  She's wiping the phone with a picture of Nana's dog, Moose.  What the heck?

11:20 - Sarah needs a bath.  I wash her hair and body, and then she plays while I fold laundry on the bathroom counter.  I'm loving our new huge washer and dryer, but it means I get really large loads to fold when I do laundry.

11:40 - I know Sarah probably isn't that hungry since she just ate breakfast, but I'm ready for some lunch.  Robert grilled steak last night so I chop up some leftover steak and put it on a salad salad and eat it with peas and wild rice.  Yum!  Every time I eat salad Sarah thinks she wants to try it, and then she still hates it.

12:05 - I guess I'll try to clean.  It's kind of a joke because while I pick up two things she gets out five more, but she likes using her little cleaning kit to "help" me dust and sweep.  She wipes her mirror for me.  She watches while I vacuum and wipes the appliances.  I gather the trash and take it out to the garage only to come back to Sarah STANDING on top of the kitchen table.  She is her father's daughter.  We take several breaks from cleaning to play peekaboo. 

12:50 - Sarah has only been awake for about three hours, so I'm not sure she's that tired, but I'm afraid that if she doesn't nap now she'll take a late nap and not get a good night of sleep, so when I see her yawning I decide to go for it.  We read Goodnight Moon and a Bible story.

1:00 - Sing her three songs and tuck for nap.

1:05 - It's mommy time!  I'm currently reading Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham, and it makes me want to be her best friend more than ever.  I rest my eyes for a few minutes but don't fall asleep, so I get up and do my workout and shower.

2:30 - Sarah is up.  It wasn't an epic nap, but I think she's back on schedule now.  We drive up to church to help set up for MOPS.

3:00 - Robert needs to buy thank you presents for the adults who volunteered with DNow.  Sarah and I love when we can join him for work tasks.  We buy gift cards at Steak n Shake, City Butcher, Itty Bitty city, Tips to Toes, Culver's, and Qdoba.  The last couple of gift cards will have to wait because Robert needs to make a hospital visit before the end of the day.

4:15 - We get to the hospital and the woman he needed to visit isn't there.  At least we tried.  We're walking back to the car, but Sarah doesn't want to hold our hands, so she runs ahead and trips and scrapes up her nose and gets a bloody lip.  We need to sit in the car for a few minutes to soothe her before putting her in the car seat.

4:50 - Since Robert is home he plays with Sarah outside while I make dinner.  I'm making Salmon with carrots, broccoli, and wild rice.

5:40 - Robert is having dinner at a guys night, so he needs to head out.

5:45 - Sarah and I eat dinner together.  It's pretty quiet.  By the end of the day I'm just ready for Robert to be home, so having Sarah to myself in the evening is kind of tough.

6:00 - I go ahead and get Sarah in her pj's and brush her teeth.

6:10 - Sarah has on cute new bumble bee pajamas from Nana, so we have to FaceTime her to show her, and then Sarah asks for Grandma so we FaceTime my parents as well.

6:30 - Sarah is still loving Goodnight Moon, so we read it for the third time today.  I sing to her and tuck her.  She goes to sleep quickly.

6:45 - I know it's late, but I never got around to straightening my hair.  Better late than never, right?

7:00 - Mittens' automatic feeder goes off, so she's finally a happy camper. Grey's anatomy comes on.  Am I the only one not that interested this season?

8:00 - Since Robert is gone I can watch some more Pretty Little Liars.

9:30 - I read a bit more of my Lauren Graham book.  I only have one more chapter to go!

10:30 - The bed is calling my name, but I never sleep super great when Robert is gone until he gets home.

11:00 - Robert is home.

4:15 - Sarah wakes up.  Are you kidding me?  I knew her sleeping in so late was too good to be true.

Sarah never went back to sleep, took an awkwardly early nap from 11:00-12:15, took an exceptionally late nap from 3:00-5:00, and went to sleep late at 9:00.  Variety is the spice of life, right?


  1. I love how late you get to sleep in. I get excited to sleep in until 6:30. Love Lauren Graham, but I haven't read her book. Guess I need to put it on the list.

  2. Sleeping in until 8:45? Wow that is unheard of in our house!! I'm happy if the kids let us sleep until 7am. Sorry your daughter woke up at 4:15 the next morning- that is brutal! Also, laundry is the devil. :-)



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