Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Alabama 2017

The three of us made our annual trip to Alabama at the start of July.  Sarah was such a good traveler!  She enjoyed the beach so much.  She liked swimming, collecting shells, and watching the birds and boats.  She slept very well while we were there.  All the sun and swimming wore her out!  We got to celebrate Robert's belated birthday and 4th of July.  We got to see several of Robert's relatives and Ray and Terri's friends.  It was hot as all get out, but we enjoyed our time!  I just wanted to jot down some of the highlights for the sake of memory preservation.

Ready to hit the road!

I am so thankful that Sarah loves wearing her life jacket!

The estuarium was a big hit!

My dinner date while Sarah collected shells with Papa and Babi

The birthday party crew

Mammoth Springs was the perfect Arkansas pit stop on our drive home.

Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017

June is a super busy month for our family, and it's definitely Robert's busiest month of work.  I have been very thankful that this summer it seems easier to survive without Robert.  We absolutely missed him.  Our days aren't as fun and full when he's gone, and Sarah was definitely off emotionally, but the days seemed to pass faster than they did last summer when he was gone.  Sarah is a ton of fun to be around!

The first week of June was Serve Springfield.  This is a local mission trip where about ten different student ministries team up to do service projects and evangelism in town.  Robert was able to come home at night to sleep, but he usually got home around 9:00 or 10:00pm and left for the day around 7:00 or 7:30am.  I tried to plan extra special things to do with Sarah that week.  That included:

Baking brownies

A zoo trip with friends

Joining Robert and the students for dinner

Painting pottery with my mom

Play date with Waverly

Cleaning Memaw's bird bath

Riding her tricycle

Swimming with friends
The next week was Vacation Bible School.  Sarah had some late nights up two hours later than usual, so she was a bit off.  Robert and I were with 5th and 6th graders.  They were uhh...not lacking in energy. :)  Sarah had a great time and enjoyed being bumped up to be with the 2-3 year olds.  She even got to perform some of her songs on Sunday morning which I didn't know was happening.  Cuteness overload!

During all of this we managed to sneak in a very last minute and awesome lunch with our dear friends Jason and Andrea from NC.  They happened to be in Missouri for a wedding an hour away from us.  We hadn't seen them in 2 1/2 years, but being around them again was so effortless.  Sarah loved them, and our time together was sweet but too short!

We celebrated Father's Day in Bolivar with my family.  Jim, Dad, and Robert got to golf together, and we all ate lunch together.

The third week of June Robert was at Camp Revo.  Sarah had tons of fun with friends and family, but she had kind of gotten to her emotional breaking point.  She said lots of sweet and heartbreaking things like, "When can I see Daddy?"  "I want to hold Daddy's hand," "Go to church to see Daddy."  I spent one night hanging out with her for about two hours.  She just wanted Mommy and Daddy to be with her.  Thankfully, this week had plenty of fun moments as well:

Walking in the creek at the park in Bolivar

Mittens is extra snuggly with me when Robert is gone :)

Swinging with Opal
Camp always occurs during Robert's birthday

The students made sure Robert's birthday was memorable!

Our first jalapenos!
 When Robert got home we celebrated his birthday and shot off some fireworks with my family.

Sarah really liked them and kept saying, "More," "Again!"

Lots of swimming this month
I had been teasing Robert for weeks that I would potty train Sarah while he was at camp like it was no big deal.  Well, it happened!  We'd had out a potty for months.  Sarah had the words for it, "Pee, poo, potty, diaper, wipe, flush, wash."  She could tell us right when she needed a new diaper.  I felt like she was there mentally but just not ready physically.  She couldn't sit still on the potty.  I knew that one day she would decide she was ready.  That day happened at the start of camp!  She just started peeing in the potty like it was old hat.  She's really good at telling me when she needs to go pee pee, so it's really nice that I don't have to ask her and take her a million times.  She gets two Cookie Crisp Cereal pieces for peeing.  Sarah's pediatrician recommended this.  It's a treat but smaller and healthier than real cookies.  She likes her Minnie Mouse little potty but loves the princess potty ring that goes on the big potty.  She feels so proud using Mommy and Daddy's potty.  She loves her Minnie Mouse big girl undies.  She pretty much has the peeing down.  Now we just need to work on #2.  It'll happen.  For now we're so excited for this big progress!

Last August we got Serina a gift certificate for family photos, and this month we finally got around to taking them.  Ashley Huwa did such a great job!  We also got to celebrate Robert's birthday again with his family while we were in KC.  And we got to learn that Bethany and Jason are going to be having another baby in February!

Robert is finishing up June but having an all night student lock-in tonight.  I know he'll be very tired when he gets home tomorrow morning.  Two days until vacation!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fifth Anniversary Trip

Robert's and my fifth wedding anniversary was on May 20, and we'd been planning for months to go on a trip.  I honestly think we started thinking about our fifth anniversary about a year and a half ago. haha We knew it would take a lot of planning as Robert would need to save up vacation time, we'd have to pick a week before his summer craziness with work, and we'd have to find a week where we'd have family to watch Sarah, so we booked my parents and Robert's mom to watch Sarah months ago.  We picked the week even before we knew where we'd go.  Robert really wanted to fly somewhere, but I really wanted to be within driving distance just on the off chance that something weird happened to Sarah.  Do my mommy friends understand?  This was my first time to be gone from Sarah for more than a night or two.  We just couldn't pick a place, and then one day Robert mentioned Louisville.  It's about a seven hour drive for us, and our friends Forrest and Anna had just moved there from Wake Forest.  We hadn't seen them in two and a half years, but we had loved our time with them in North Carolina.  They just bought a house so they had space for us, and they were up for hosting.  We were so happy!

We left our house Sunday afternoon once my parents got there to start watching Sarah.  I was a little nervous.  It wasn't because I didn't think Sarah would have a good time.  I knew she'd have a blast!  It's just hard to leave your baby.  We drove to St. Louis and stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  We enjoyed Mexican and some dessert and then just watched Netflix in our hotel room.  I know that isn't luxurious, but when you have a little one this is a big deal!  The next morning we went to the St. Louis Zoo.  Robert had never been, and I hadn't been in over a decade.  It was a lot of fun, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. 

St. Louis is pretty much exactly halfway between our house and Forrest and Anna's, so after lunch we got back on the road so we could get to their house by dinner (time change from central to eastern).  We enjoyed getting pictures from my parents.  On Monday Sarah watered my flowers and took a little trip to Bolivar to see Memaw and Pepaw and go to the park.

It was so wonderful to see Anna and Forrest, get to see their new house, and meet their dog, Bruce.  Anna had a delicious dinner ready for us, and we enjoyed catching up and playing games.

On Tuesday the four of us went to the Louisville Slugger Museum.  Robert is the biggest baseball fan of the group, but it really was interesting for all of us.  We got to take a little tour of the manufacturing plant and walked around a small museum.

We went to the oldest candy shop in Indiana which was very adorable.  And then we went home for a bit.

Sarah got to do lots of coloring and painting with my parents.

Colonel Sanders and Muhammad Ali are buried in the same cemetary, and apparently this is a popular thing to visit in Louisville, so we had to do it!

We got some delicious ice cream at Comfy Cow!

We went to Churchill Downs and got a tour and looked around the museum.  I basically don't know anything about horses or racing, but it was still very impressive and interesting.

Robert and I sneaked off for a little anniversary date and went out for BBQ and walked across a huge pedestrian bridge that goes over the Ohio River.  It was beautiful!

There was some rain throughout the week, but we also had some very pleasant days which allowed for a little hike one morning.

Halfway through the trip Serina took over watching Sarah, and they had a ton of fun together!  My parents had taken Sarah to Discovery Center, and Serina took Sarah to the Zoo.  She also did finger painting, baked cookies, and tie dyed t-shirts.  So fun!

We got to play so many games with Anna and Forrest which was a lot of fun!  We watched a movie, Robert helped Forrest with a couple of little house projects, I got to nap and rest, and we just enjoyed each other's company.  We couldn't have asked for a better time!  The drive home was made in a day, and the time change back to central time helped us out.  We rain into a couple of pretty heavy rain storms with hail which slowed us down a bit.  Shortly after we got home we actually lost power for an hour.  Sarah had a great time with our parents, but she was definitely ready for us to be home.  She and Serina were out in the driveway when we pulled in and Sarah started bawling.  She just couldn't compose herself.  It was very sweet and very sad.  We had a great break, but it was also very nice to be back together.  It was the perfect way to get energized for our busy summer with student activities.  Thank you for hosting us, Anna and Forrest, and thank you to my parents and Serina for watching Sarah!


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