Friday, September 1, 2017

The End of Summer

Summer 2017 was a great one!  We got to go on an anniversary trip, Robert had a very busy summer with work, we went to Alabama, and Sarah turned two.  Like a lot of you, I'm sad to see that the summer is over, but unlike school aged children or people who are parents of school aged children, I'm sad because it means that I'm about to return to a more slow-paced schedule.  For a lot of people the school year feels rushed and overly packed, but I love that the summer allows our students, several of my friends, and my mom to be more available.  During the summer Robert has a lot of week-long activities, and it's hard to have him gone so much, but I like that he has some activities that Sarah and I can attend like evenings at people's houses and trips to Sonic.  I know that a lot of stay at home moms can't visit their husbands at work, but I'm thankful that Sarah and I can.  I also love that in the summer our students are willing to linger after church and events and can talk and relax and aren't always in a hurry to rush off to do homework.  In the summer it seems like we can see my parents all the time, especially my mom since she's off from school.  It's been sad when Sarah says stuff like, "I want to go outside and wait for Grandma and Grandpa."  I'm very thankful that they live as close to us as they do.

During the summer MOPS and BSF take a break, and they don't start up until September, so I've had about three weeks where the summer is over but my normal school year activities haven't started up, so my days have felt pretty unplanned.

One day this week I took Sarah to the Discovery Center, and we had the place to ourselves!  It was great!  Sarah enjoyed playing for about an hour and a half.  The pretend house area is definitely her favorite.  I will say that one of the best parts about this time of year is that we are finally getting some relief from the heat.  It's been nice to be able to take a stroller ride late morning.  I'm also looking forward to planting grass this weekend so we can hopefully have some grass in our backyard in about a month.  That'll make playing back there more enjoyable.

I feel like the mornings go fairly quickly.  We eat breakfast, take a bath, get ready, go for a walk, and run errands or have a play date.  Obviously lunch and nap time are enjoyable, but then from about 3:00-5:30 it's, "When is daddy coming home?!?!"  What do other SAHM's do in the afternoon?  I don't really like to get out again due to after school and after work traffic, so we usually just pop around from activity to activity every five minutes - Play-Doh, dolls, puzzles, etc.  I know that's a hard time of day for most SAHM's.

Sarah is currently in her bed shouting, "I'm going night night!!!"  I'm not sure she understands that one usually doesn't shout while trying to go to sleep.  Hmm...okay, thanks for reading my little post here.  I hope your school year is off to a good start!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Handmade candle holders

Robert and I are making and selling these candle holders. The smaller candle holder holds one tea light candle and has been stained and stamped in this version. We have three stamps options: leaf, snowflake, hearts (see picture), but I could also paint it with chalkboard paint as well. The larger candle holder has been cut to hold three tea light candles or three candlesticks. It has been painted with chalkboard paint on one side so you can write a seasonal greeting or message and easily erase it with a rag and just a touch of water. These pieces are made from our very own red maple tree in Missouri.

Prices for local orders/deliveries:
Candle holder, $10
Triple candle holder, $20

If you don't personally know us or need your order shipped you can order through our Etsy shop (prices are just a bit higher to accommodate for the Etsy seller fees).

Let me know if you're interested

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sarah's 2nd Birthday Party

Sarah's 2nd birthday was such a fun day!  This year she definitely grasped some of the concept that it was her birthday.  She woke up jumping up and down in bed.  Throughout the day she said things like, "I'm 2," "I'm doing happy birthday," "Happy birthday, Sarah," and, "I open presents."  The day before we had gone to Silver Dollar City with my parents, and Sarah got a birthday name tag and some special treats compliments of the park.  She was very proud of herself!

One her birthday morning we started the day off with a wagon ride with her babies, and she wore her birthday tutu from last year.  She got a good afternoon nap and was ready to party when she woke up.  My parents, Memaw and Pepaw, Jim and Taylor, Serina and Mark, and Ray and Terri were able to make it.  The theme was Minnie Mouse.  I was pretty happy with our homemade cake.

It rained late morning and early afternoon but stopped in time for the party.  We started out with snacks - grapes, chips and dip, meatballs, and cheese and crackers - Sarah's favorite foods.  We opened presents, and then watered her annual slideshow of pictures from the year.  Sarah loved her cake.  She blew out the candles and enjoyed joining in on singing Happy Birthday to herself.  She got some great presents and was really interested in opening them and trying them out right away which was different from last year.  Her favorite stuff revolved around dolls: a baby doll, baby stroller, baby grocery cart, Minnie Mouse doll.  She also got a purse that she is very proud of.  It's silver and glittery.  She got some cute new clothes for the fall.

The party was from 3:00-5:00, and it went by so quickly for me.  When it ended Ray and Terri stayed the night so we ate dinner together.  They were able to go to church with us the next day and stayed one more night before going on to visit Robert's sister and her family.

New outfit, baby doll, and stroller

Baby has made her first visit to church

Sporting a new outfit

Baby has even gone to the grocery store with us and may be the secret to getting Sarah to sit in the cart!

Sarah's two year old well-visit went great!  She's healthy and continuing to grow.  We estimate she'll be 5'6" - 5'10" when she's finished growing which seems pretty believable considering Robert's and my heights.  The doctor told us that Sarah is her favorite patient.  I'm sure she's never said that before. :)  Sarah just loves her!  Dr. Toth is pregnant, and Sarah kept saying that she wants to hold her baby.  Sarah got to stand on the scale and get her height while standing up for the first time.  This was the last time for them to take her head measurement, and at her three year old well-visit they will start taking her blood pressure which is kind of funny for me to think about.  After her good appointment we celebrated with a trip to the park.

I love celebrating Sarah, and I am blessed to be her mommy!


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