Saturday, May 20, 2017

Such a Fun Age

Sarah is at such a fun age!  During the newborn phase you get so much holding and cuddling in, but right now in this 18-24 month stage Sarah is just so FUN!  I'd say at around 16 months old she really started getting a big personality.  Since she's getting older I haven't done monthly updates on her, but I just wanted to share some random thoughts and memories so I don't forget.  Maybe you'll get a laugh out of some of them.  This also seems like an appropriate place to brag about her. :)  Don't get me wrong, she can throw a fit and not listen, but you don't want to hear about that.  Let's focus on the fun stuff!

On April Fool's Day Robert had DNow weekend going on, so I had morning duty by myself.  When Sarah was waking up I could hear her saying, "Diaper.  Poo poo."  Not super unusual since she's been alerting us when she needs a diaper change lately.  I went in to find her without pants or a diaper, so I turned on the light and found poop on the floor!  I don't know how she did it because her hands, crib rails, and sheets weren't dirty.  I cleaned up the poop and took everything out of her crib to wash.  Then I got out Sarah and gave her a quick bath.  It was a memorial April Fool's Day Prank!

Sarah had been a little extra fussy for a few days.  I decided to check for teeth, and sure enough, her bottom set of second molars were totally in.  It had been weeks since she'd gotten a tooth so I had stopped looking.  Who knew when those things had popped in!  Just two more teeth to get and teething will be over!
Showing us her food.  Seriously?
One day we went to Bass Pro to walk around and explore.  We got near the polar bear and Sarah asked to go see it, but when we got close she got scared and buried her head into Robert's shoulder, so we walked away, but she asked to go back, and she got scared again.  This happened a few more times until we just left.  For days she kept saying, "Scared.  Bears."  She would tell everyone she saw.  The story increased to, "Scared.  White bear.  Big feet."  One day she even said, "I'm scared of bears."  It was heartbreaking but also very endearing.  We have a tool store called Grizzly near us, and there's a big grizzly bear statue in the parking lot.  We drive by it nearly every day.  Sarah started to notice it and would talk about being scared.  We asked her if she wanted to go see it to see that it's not scary.  She told us she did want to see it, so we parked next to it and watched it for a bit.  Afterward she said, "I'm not scared of bears.  I'm brave."  We were so proud of her for conquering her fear!

Some of Sarah's current favorite things are blowing bubbles (she's learned how to do them herself), going down slides all by herself, helping me water flowers with her own little Minnie Mouse watering can, playing with her baby dolls and stuffed animals, music, and hide and seek.  She loves Minnie Mouse and Barney.  Robert and I both loved Barney, so it must be an inherited trait.

I hadn't painted Sarah's nails because I figured it would be a mess, her nails are still super tiny, and she hadn't seemed interested, but the other day she grabbed a bottle of nail polish and said, "I want pink toes," so I went for it.  She sat so still, and it only took about one drop of paint.  She was very proud of her toes, and wanted everyone to know it.  One night at church she took off her shoes, walked over to some boys, stuck out her leg, and said, "I have pink toes."

Showing off her pink toes

She has some phrases and words that she uses all the time:

  • I want some more
  • I don't want to
  • I can't
  • I need some more
  • See ya later
  • I'm coming (while running to us)
Another funny one - "Morange" = more orange :)

Sarah loves showing affection, but she doesn't always know when to stop, but I know she'll learn that eventually.  She was touching my wet hair after I had taken a shower.  She was saying, "Wet," and touching it gently, and then all of a sudden she whispers, "I want to pull it." :)  Another day she wanted Mittens to drink her milk, and she was holding her straw to Mittens' mouth.  Mittens obviously didn't want it and ran away, so Sarah went after her.  I hear Mittens squealing, "Rarrrr," and Sarah comes back to me with her fist closed and smiling saying, "Hair."  Oh no!  Sarah loves giving hugs and kisses.  She knows that they go together.  The other day I gave her a hug but not a kiss, and she asked for a kiss.  Robert has taught her to do a tight hug where she squeezes so hard.  She likes hugging and kissing her friends and family.

We've taught her to show off her muscles.  She sticks out her arms and makes a fist and says, "I'm strong!"

She's very interested in the potty and can say all the words she needs for it: Diaper, potty, pee, poo, wipe, flush, wash.  She's had a few successful tries, but mostly she only sits on the potty for 5 seconds and moves on.  She'll get it one day, but it's cool that she's interested.

A few months ago she started saying, "Hold you," when she wants to be held.  Apparently I also said that around Sarah's age.  She'll add, "Hold you, Mommy/Daddy," or, "More hold you."  How can you resist that?

It's always awesome to hear compliments from other people.  Sarah's Bible study nursery teacher told me that Sarah is a great talker but also a good listener and obedient.  She loved hearing the stories and repeated her memory verses.  It was so encouraging!

She really likes Ride a little horsey, go to town.  I bounce her on my leg and then drop her down, but Robert gets on all fours and lets her ride around.  When Robert tries to leave for work she begs for, "Ride a horsey town."  It gets him every time!  He's also taught her how to do flips.  She stands on the bed, bends over, and he rolls her forward.  She thinks it's the best!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fifth Annual Girls Weekend

Every year I go on a girls getaway with Robert's mom, grandma, and sister.  Last year I brought Sarah along, and she really did do a good job, but after that trip I gave Robert a one year notice that Mommy was going on the next trip alone! :)  Bethany was able to leave her daughter, Sadie, with her husband, too, so it was a baby free weekend.  Robert did a great job with Sarah, and he was able to get quite a bit of help from my parents which I know he appreciated.  Highlights of their weekend included Sarah riding a tricycle for the first time, Andy's Frozen Custard, Itty Bitty City, and scaring each other a lot.  Sarah is very in to growling and watching people be terrified.  It's a fun age!

This year we went to Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The other three ladies drove down together to pick me up, and we had lunch with Robert and Sarah at Black Sheep, and everybody agreed that it was a great way to kick off our weekend of fun and food!  On our way to Fayetteville we stopped at Crystal Bridges, and it had some neat stuff including string art and a very lifelike sculpture. 

When we got to Fayetteville we got settled in our hotel and put on our tattoos that Bethany had made for us. :)

Our first night we ate dinner at Noodles and watched Beauty and the Beast.  Grandma June had never seen the cartoon version, so it was all new to her.  We all really enjoyed it!

The weekend was full of rain the whole time.  Thankfully we had a good amount of indoor activities planned.  Saturday morning we had breakfast at Rick's Bakery, and then we headed out to get our nails done.  The first place lost power right after we got there so we found another location.  I got very sparkly pink nails which I love because it makes me feel like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde!  Sarah also loved them once I explained to her that they weren't a boo-boo.

I can't remember the order of our little shopping trips throughout the weekend, but during our time in Fayetteville I know we ventured into an Old Navy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, and the mall.  I managed to come away from it all with a new toothbrush for Sarah. haha

For lunch on Saturday we just ate at Sonic, but dinner was a culinary treat at Hammontree's Grilled Cheese.  We all agreed that this was the best meal of the weekend.  I picked it. ;)  I had a ham and cheese with avocado and herb mayo on sourdough and tomato soup.  Yum!  After dinner we went to Painting with a Twist.  Serina and Bethany had done this before, but June and I hadn't.  We really enjoyed ourselves and got in plenty of laughs along the way.  I think our paintings turned out well!  Bethany and I got to hit up the pool and enjoyed chatting about mom life on Saturday afternoon as well.

On Sunday we went to the Rolling Pin for breakfast, and it was good!  We ate lunch at El Matador, had dessert at Kream - Ice cream doughnut sandwiches! - and dinner was pizza that we had delivered to the hotel.  We got to play several games in our hotel room, which honestly was a treat because it's definitely something you can't do with a one year old around. We had hoped to visit a cathedral in town, but it was closed due to flooding from all the rain.  The rain was just ridiculous, but we stayed safe and enjoyed some relaxation in the hotel.

On Monday morning we hit the road after stopping for breakfast at Starbucks.  Sarah was very happy to have me back, and so was Robert.  Sarah had me hold her a lot on Monday and Tuesday.  It's nice to be needed.  Thank you to Serina, Bethany, and June for such a fun weekend, and thank you to Robert and my parents for helping me be able to leave for the weekend!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter 2017

We had a really good Easter weekend! I've been a part of a Bible study on the Gospel of John this year. Recently we've been talking about how heartbreaking it was for Jesus to be separated from His Father because they had always known a perfect imagination. I can't imagine feeling completely separated God. We've also talked about how difficult it is to imagine how much it hurt Jesus to take on every sin in the history of mankind. Think about all the times you have to forgive someone in your lifetime, and then multiply that by billions! This study made this Easter more meaningful than ever.

On Easter Sunday we went to church at South Gate and headed to Kansas City immediately after the service ended. Robert sister and husband hosted everyone. The house was packed with family, and it was such a nice time. Lots of tasty food. Sarah's first Easter egg hunt was totally adorable. She likes peekaboo and hide and seek so this was right down her alley. She loved scoping out eggs and finding treasures inside.

After our time at their house we went to Robert's mom and her husband's house. They have a dog named Moose who Sarah has become somewhat obsessed with. We watched videos and look at pictures of him. We FaceTime him. So Sarah was pumped to see him in person! She loved throwing his ball, petting him, and giving him treats. Jason, Bethany, and Sadie came over for dinner. Sarah enjoyed hugging and kissing Sadie which was very cute! It's crazy to see what a difference 15 months makes when you see a 5 month old and 20 month old together. I know they'll be good friends!

Sarah slept really well which is always a huge blessing when we're away from home. Bethany and Sadie came over again for breakfast, chatting, and a short stroller ride, and then Jason joined us for lunch. We hit the road right after lunch so Sarah could nap in the car. We stopped in Bolivar to see my family, and Sarah loved getting to stretch and play. When we got back to town Robert had to go immediately to a track meet and drinking performance for kids, so I tucked Sarah and got the honor of unpacking, cleaning up, and doing. Woohoo.


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